The Great Migration to the metaverse is gathering pace.

In just a few years, the virtual world has become a place where increasing amounts of time are spent socializing, gambling, dating, tweeting, buying and selling, conducting research and being entertained in an unprecedented way. This world has been described as the collective unconscious made navigable and a place in which the consumer (itself a word more often associated with the needle than the mouse) can escape the reality of the physical world.

Given the emergence of all this, we expect that the metaverse will become even more of a vivid participatory experience for proactive consumers, empowered to influence events in an unfolding narrative, led by both language and image across time and space. Real and recorded time; physical and virtual space; present and past karma.

Today’s efforts are working towards a future where the internet is.

  • Something you can enter into alone or as part of a group. And enter into at any point. The dividing line between invented characters, real people, and the reincarnations of their avatars gets increasingly blurred.
  • A constellation of stories that is episodic and develops over time. An unprescribed narrative wherein participants have ownership of outcome.
  • A bridge – that unites the virtual and the physical; an experience that is both online and on the map.
  • A real experience – emotionally complex, not simplistically sentimental. A place of reflection as well as reaction. A place where sometimes nothing happens. A chance to ‘be’, not just to ‘do’.
  • Tenseless – a place that is past, present and future at the same time.
  • Without Walls - sometimes other bits of our networks of intelligence leak in.

Toward this vision, we need machine and programmatic algorithms to scale but we need human intelligence to make it come alive and feel authentic.

Where decentralized creative labor rise as curators and appraisers and participate in the worth generated from their contributions

Yet to generate sustainable, positive impact on cyber culture we need to reconcile with its byzantine ways to bring new paradigms of trust and fairness to value, protect, and grow creative assets

We’re a small but exceptional posse of digital venturers -- seasoned entrepreneurs jostling with youthful leaders who believe that ethical innovation that integrates sustainability, social justice, and fairness can transform human potential in the metaverse


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